What I’m About

I am a victim of manias.  If you have never experienced a mania, I can only describe it as a sudden passion for a subject to which you feel you must become proficient.  (Think Jack-of-all-trades)  Some manias are small and fleeting, like my short lived mania for making wax candles or wood burning art.  Some subjects become life long manias like my love of music.  I teach piano, voice, and occasionally the violin.  I also paint, draw, garden, can foods, bake, cook, and crochet.  Another mania is home schooling my four children and serving in my church.  BUT, my all-time greatest passion is writing.  I have been writing for as long as I can remember.  My early stories portrayed the injustice on the playground.  My junior high and high school work amounted to a pile of horrible poetry.  My college years produced a blather of existential ideals…and no, you may not read any of it.  My writing took a back seat as life, marriage, and a few children became more pressing.  However, after the birth of my third child I felt driven to reconnect with my love of putting my imagination (which is where I live most of my waking hours) on the page and begin my first novel.

It’s been nearly eight years since I began a serious study of writing.  I have been lucky to be part of a wonderful five woman writing group and together we have spread gallons of red ink on the page, like blood on the battlefield.  My study of writing has caused me to spend numerous late nights searching for that elusive word and pining over my characters, especially those doomed to face the block.  But, oh!  What I’ve learned!

I love learning and I love writing.  My children often catch me talking to myself like a crazy person as I act out a scene from one of my books to make sure the dialogue is real, or find me hunched over my computer typing furiously when the muse has struck a chord.  And my husband is so kind to just roll over and go back to sleep when I suddenly sit up in bed and search for a pen and paper next to me in the dark because I’ve resolved a plot problem…I thank them for not holding these quirks against me.

Let me clarify my purpose for creating this website.  In part this site is to help me make sense of everything I’ve learned over the years as I’ve written novels, edited, and prepared my manuscripts for the next step, the Holy Grail of all writers: getting published!  But also this site is intended to share this information with anyone who may be at a cross roads or experiencing a writers block in their editing.  Lastly, I hope to direct interested parties to my works for purchase.  (No, I don’t lose any sleep over my shameless self-promotion.)

NOTE: Please remember, these posts are written to show others what worked for me.  If they do not work for you, I am not responsible.  And even if I was, I would hope you would realize that no one is perfect.  But please feel free to peruse the site and glean what you may!