3rd Law of Joni’s Writing Bible

Thou shalt not repeat, repeat, repeat… Tautologies

A tautology is using two words that say the same thing.

We all do it.  “Sit down!” I say to my children at least once a day.  Tautologies have crept into our every day speech. Don’t we hear “You can win your free gift if you…” in numerous ads?  Or aren’t we asked to stand up or told we will have an added bonus if we complete some task?  We say these things all the time.  However we cannot use them in our prose.  “Sit” will suffice or having our character stand is all we need.  It is either free or a gift, an addition or a bonus.  The space is either empty or a vacuum.  I’ve even seen water of the ocean and dead corpse in books.  Be careful and edit wisely.