August 2016 Book/Movie of the Month

The book I’m recommending for August is any Harry Potter Book.  My children and I have been reading the series together aloud for the first time over the last six months.  And finally we finished The Deathly Hallows to round off the series.  I must admit that when I missed the train on the series first appearance (Due to the fact that I was knee deep having those 4 children I mentioned) I never thought I would go back and read a 7 book series no matter how many people said it was amazing.  But I rented the first from the Library because, honestly, we were running out of good books to bring home.  Home school will do that.  You read more than you would ever imagine.  But I digress. We checked out the first book and I was hooked, my kids were hooked, and we just had to get the second, third, fourth…you get the point.  The writing is wonderful.  The character descriptions are masterful and the stories are unique and keep you turning pages.  Go Rowling!  What a fun ride.

The Movie I am recommending for August is NOT a Harry Potter movie.  While we did watch each movie after finishing each book, I must admit I did not like any of them until the fourth movie.  And even then, I wouldn’t really recommend them as great films.  No, the movie for August is Cold Comfort Farm.  Yes, this was a book first, published in 1932, the Author Stella Gibbons.  It is a very fun read.  Quirky and unique, but the movie.  Oh! the Movie!  Genius!  It is a hilarious hour and thirty-five minutes you will not regret.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the movie more than the book.  And that is hardly ever the case.  Kate Beckinsale and Sir Ian McKellen!?  You can’t get any better than that?  Not to mention other British greats like Eileen Atkins, Steven Fry, and Joanna Lumley!  If you are ready for a satire of 1920’s England, this is your movie.