September 2016 Book/Movie of the Month

Book of the Month

This months book of the month is Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.  This book is delicious.  So much depth, longing, pain, and desire.  I love the internal struggles of both of our main characters.  I must say when I have read this book in the past, I focused so much on Jane.  When I read it this last month, I focused on Mr. Rochester.  And what a difference!  I love how he bandies her about when he is proposing, trying to make force her to reveal her feelings plainly to him before he ends her suffering.  Something rang so true in this character.  And he was not trying to be cruel, I think.  I believe more that after going through an arranged marriage of deception, he wanted, no, needed to know she loved him.  It is wonderful.  If you haven’t had your guts wrenched lately, give it a read.  In fact, buy it.  It will do you good just knowing it is on the shelf.


Movie of the Month

The Movie I recommend this month is Casablanca starring the beautiful and talented Ingrid Bergman and the incomparable Humphrey Bogart.  The film was released in 1943 and is black and white.  It is definitely one of the top ten must see movies for anyone who wants to know movies.  This is a historical Drama set during WWII.  And it is not only one of the most quoted movies ever produces, but is also unique in it’s feel and story line.  I love that you can honestly cheer on this woman to choose either man and that choosing the harder right thing in the end triumphs over the easier wrong thing.  Fantastic!