July 2016 Book/Movie of the Month

Short and sweet this month.  My book of the month is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  It you haven’t given Jane Austen’s pages a turn, I highly recommend!  Remember theses books are more than two hundred years old so the pacing is different than today, but boy did she know how to capture characters and make you love or hate them with a single glance.  I adore her work.  Her writing is an inspiration!


As far as movies go, I would have to recommend The Music Man from 1962 with Robert Preston and Shirley Jones.  Not the awful remake from 2003 with Matthew Broderick.  The original movie is witty, clever, and has some of the most amazing songs, dances and characters ever.  The film also stars Buddy Hackett and Ron Howard. That’s right Ron Howard.  As in, one of the biggest movie directors and producers ever.  He was just a little guy, a believe he was five and adorable.  It is a must watch.  Pay attention to the dialogue!