October 2016 Book/ Movie of the month

The book of the month is an old children’s classic called “Toby Tyler: Ten weeks with the Circus” -by James Otis.  I read this book to my children as part of our homeschool this month.  It is rich in character description and a wonderful morals for children and adults.  It taught gratitude, it cautioned against fraud and poor choices, and it taught how to deal with loss and feelings of helplessness.  We enjoyed this book and I recommend it to children and adults alike.


The movie of the month is also for children.  Since October with Halloween is pretty much a a month for children, I chose Mr. Toad, Ichabod Crane, and Peter and the Wolf – Disney classics from my childhood.  My kids and I watch them every year at Halloween.  Though Mr. Toad is not necessarily a Halloween movie, nor is Peter and the Wolf, they have their fearful moments and are a perfect couple for the true Halloween favorite – Ichabod Crane.  Oh! how scary it was as a child to see the hand-like cloud obscure the moon as Ichabod trots alone into the Headless Horseman’s Hollow!  I still get chills and can hear the deadly laugh of the ghostly murderer.  It was fantastically frightening and will forever be my favorite Halloween movie.